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MAC development environment

  • I have been distributing AlbumEasy, a Qt/C++ Open Source application for Linux and Windows, for a number of years now, however, I am now getting regular requests for a Mac version of the software.

    As I don't have access to a MAC, nor have I ever actually used one, I am looking for advice in setting up a minimal cost development machine purely for building the application on. I guess that would mean looking for a used MAC, but as I know very little about the various MAC models I am wondering what would be the cheapest model to look out for, bearing in mind that I am only going to be using the computer to compile and test the application on so high performance is not a huge priority.

    The AlbumEasy project can be found here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/albumeasy/


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    You should look for a machine that at least can run macOS Mojave.

    As for the budget, IIRC, macMini are usually a good option.

  • Thanks SGaist,
    That gives me a starting point.

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