Full uninstall Qt 5.*

  • Hi,

    I have several Qt version installed on my Windows 7 Professional.
    So, successful uninstall some installation;
    Basically, I used "SDKMaintenanceTool"; it works fine.
    but 2 remain Qt5.6.0 and 5.9.0; I can't find "SDKMaintenanceTool"; and in program panel, there doesn't exist; also I still can launch
    Should I just delete those folders from c:/ ?

    Thank you

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    @GMAA said in Full uninstall Qt 5.*:

    but 2 remain Qt5.6.0 and 5.9.0; I can't find "SDKMaintenanceTool";

    Look inside the folders that contain Qt 5.6 and Qt 5.9. Do you see MaintenanceTool.exe?

  • @JKSH
    no, I looked carefully!
    should just delete folder; in fact; it's an older installation, maybe it's remained unuseful folders? since Qt doesn't appear in the control panel.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    You can check their content. Based on what you wrote, I would say it is safe to delete these two folders.

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