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Ctrl+C Ctrl+V and many other shortcuts is not working in Qt creator IDE

  • Many of shortcuts along with copy paste aren't working when tried to copy and paste a section of code in IDE.The cursor size becomes big. But when tried using mouse click to copy and paste it works fine and its very annoying when cursor stops responding.

    Anything help would be Appreciated.

  • any more info please so we can see what could be wrong here??
    operating system, Qt version, Qt creator... any custom software or custom made shortcuts?

  • Windows 10 and Qt 5.7.0

  • when are you referring to cursor is the mouse arrow or the text cursor in the editor?
    Can you also have a notepad opened along Qt Creator and try to write there something and then ctrl-C and ctrl-V? I wish to know that you can use those shortcuts in notepad when the creator is opened...
    Can you go also in Tools -> Options-> Environment->Keyboard and then press the button that says <Reset All>
    hope this help

  • Yes am referring to Text cursor in the editor and also ctrl-C and ctrl-V works fine in Notepad. And the button RESET all didnt work at all.

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    That really sounds strange - I've never heard that before. Does Ctrl+C/V work in a Qt based program, e.g. a small GUI programm with a QTextEdit?

    Qt 5.7.0

    That is the Qt version, not the Creator version. Nevertheless, this is a pretty old one (Released 3 years ago). Can you update Qt to 5.12.x and Creator to the latest version 4.9.1 and see if things change?


  • Hey all. The Issue is resolved . it was at Tools -> Options-> fakeVim->general where USE FAKEVIM was checked.

    Thank You.!!

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