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Web Assembly Sample Source

  • Hi
    I have recently started experimenting with 5.13 and Web Assembly and have had a couple of road-blocks but overall the platform looks really good.
    The major issue I am having is with Dialog Boxes in a Widgets application whereby they seem to freeze the application as soon as you click OK or the close "x" button.

    I have noticed though that the Web Assembly sample for the Widgets Text Editor does not have this issue which gives me great hope so I downloaded the Widgets Examples from GitHub and compiled for Web-Assembly just fine, but the problem exists there as well.

    I am presuming the Web Assembly sample must be doing something slightly different.

    Is there anywhere I can get the source from specifically for the Web Assembly samples (I have looked through all the GitHub repos and cannot find them there)?
    Specifically this is the one I am after as it seems to work perfectly.

    Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction.
    Thanks in advance :)

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    Since you are talking about dialog, I think this excellent article about the use of dialogs in web assembly is what you are looking for.

  • @SGaist Thanks, I did find that in my hunting for a solution and this appears to work as presented.

    I just wonder what other changes have been made to the Web Assembly version of the Text Edit sample, I am super keen to do a comparison and learn any "gotchas" there might still be lurking as the sample linked above works surprisingly well on each of the browsers I have tested.

    It truly has me excited for advancements in that space.

    Do you happen to know if the source for the Web Assembly samples are stored in any other repo?

  • Further testing of the regular desktop Widgets Text Edit sample when compiled for Web Assembly also reveals that clicking the menu items also locks up the Application as soon as you close the menu item.

    There must be another method QT is using with the Text Edit sample for Web Assembly.

    Here's to hoping the source is available for scrutiny somewhere ;)

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    There's no special version of the examples for web assembly. The exact same code is used, all the magic happens in the backend part.

    You have all the Qt sources available at

    You can also grab the one for your specific Qt version using the online installer or since you already have it installed, the Maintenance Tool.

  • What happens when you compile and run the standarddialogs example from qt?

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