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How to add a widget in a QTableView?

  • I'm developing a software for trading, and in the shopping cart I'm trying to add a QDoubleSpenBox in each cell of a column so I can provide a way to change the amount of items in the cart

    int row = modeloTabela->rowCount();
                QDoubleSpinBox *dsbQuantidade = new QDoubleSpinBox();
                ui->tvCarrinho->setIndexWidget(modeloTabela->index(0, 2), dsbQuantidade);

    But nothing happens

    ![alt text](0_1558802014742_936ea180-5398-4874-a1d9-f220442fc422-image.png image url)

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    Why set a widget ? You should take a look at the Spin Box Delegate Example. It will likely be what you are looking for.

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