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No Qt Kit

  • New Qt user. Just downloaded the open source version. Not kits are available on my computer. Need to start a simple test project for basic learning purposes. What is the procedure for obtaining a general purpose kit for learning fundamentals. Not doing development for mobile devices (phones). Plan to undertake development using a serial comm port to a hardware device... Simple gui to control settings and send/receive telemetry from the hardware through the port.

  • @mikelc

    1. Find the MaintenanceTool in your Qt Installation Folder.
    2. Check Add or Remove Components option and go to Next.
      If necessary, you will need to update your MaintananceTool on Update Components option and back to 2nd step.

    Okay, now, you will see some options like image below. So, you can select which kits are necessary and it will be downloaded and installed on Qt.

    Note: MSVC and Android kits need a pre-installation of their compilers.

    Qt Kits

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    Just to add to @KillerSmath: If you don't have other development tools installed, it's probably the best to choose Qt MinGW 7.3.0 32-bit plus select the MinGW 7.3.0 32-bit toolchain in the section Tools.

    That will give you a complete environment of compiler, debugger and Qt libraries.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    To add to my fellow, did you use the Qt online installer or the Qt Creator installer ?

    If the later, then go for the former taking in mind the suggestions of @KillerSmath and @aha_1980.

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