How to set Visual Studio "Output Directory" : $(OutDir) via *.pro file

  • Hi,

    i am trying to set the VS2008/2010 Variable "Output Directory" : $(OutDir) which can be found in :
    Project Properties -> Configuration Properties -> General -> Output Directory

    I already tried:

    @ CONFIG(Debug):DESTDIR = path
    CONFIG(Release):DESTDIR = path
    CONFIG(Debug):OBJECTS_DIR = path
    CONFIG(Release):OBJECTS_DIR = path@

    I still get a "." inside this variable.
    In the examples there is a path set to "debug" or "release" i tried to track where it was set but failed.

    Does anyone can help?
    Thank you

  • do you mean something like this:


    change the nama of the binary, if it is build in debug mode

    CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
    mac: TARGET = $$join(TARGET,,,_debug)
    win32: TARGET = $$join(TARGET,,,d)

    #define the directory, where the binary is placed
    RCC_DIR = ./tmp
    UI_DIR = ./tmp

    CONFIG(debug, debug|release) {
    DESTDIR = ../debug
    OBJECTS_DIR = ./tmp/debug
    MOC_DIR = ./tmp/moc/debug
    else {
    DESTDIR = ../release
    OBJECTS_DIR = ./tmp/release
    MOC_DIR = ./tmp/moc/release

  • Nope, its not the DESTDIR or OBJECTS_DIR variable

    DESTDIR: Properties -> Linker -> General -> Output File
    OBJECTS_DIR: Properties -> General -> Intermediate Directory

    I need the "Output Directory" or VS $(OutDir) Variable


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