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QProcess on installer provided Qt crashes.

  • Hello Forum,

    I have a Qt version (from the installer) installed on Linux which is not the same as the system Qt libraries (different version).
    When I try to start a new process using QProcess::startDetached() but this segfaults due to Qt%systemversion% private headers.
    If I use the system Qt version all is good. How can I use the Qt version that comes with the installer and have QProcess launching the program?

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    @damianatorrpm said in QProcess on installer provided Qt crashes.:

    but this segfaults due to Qt%systemversion% private headers.

    This sounds like you're mixing Qt libraries from different versions.
    How do you start your app?
    Which application is started via QProcess::startDetached()? Is it a Qt app? If so which Qt version was used to build it?

  • read up on how the link loader works in Linux, particularly the order that libraries are searched and how to override with LD_LIBRARY_PATH. No guarantees though, as mixing library version is always hit or miss.

  • Thank you for the replies!
    I thought no one did reply (I subscribed - "Watching") but received no email... (not in spam as well)

    thank you Kent I will do so

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