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QScroller is very slow on android

  • As described in the title the QScroller scrolls heavily on android
    And when I raise my finger the scrolling stops immediately or after very very very short distance

    However it's working flawlessly on windows and scrolls very well but scrolling isn't important in windows as it's in android

    I'm using something similar to this :

    QScroller::grabGesture(scroll_area, QScroller::LeftMouseButtonGesture);

    And of course disable the scroll bars of QScrollArea

    Another thing is that when I reach the end of the scrolling I can still pull and scroll too much that the widgets gets out from the scroll area

    [0_1558380127882_scroller_not_smooth.mp4](Uploading 100%)

  • Any response ?

  • I experienced slowness on Android with offline usage of QNetworkAccessManager on a specific android device (not on all android devices). I tried with several NDK versions with the same results.

    My comment for your issue may not be the best but as far as I can recall the general suggestion is to use QtQuick objects for mobile programming because the widgets may not support the usage of the mobile's GPU.

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