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how to display the icon app on the taskbar when using the qt::tool flag?

  • Hi, I try to do an app on windows 10 that has all the characteristic of the qt::tool but I need it to display its icon on the taskbar.
    If someone could help me that would be highly appreciated

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Did you already check the Window Flags Example ? You might be able to get the result you want without the Tool flag and thus keep the normal handling of your application by the taskbar.

    Hope it helps

  • Hi first of all thank you for the quick answer!
    I checked the window flag example and it did help me understand the hints a little better but I still have not been able get what I want.
    My problem is that I want the window to be just the size of my unique toolbutton.
    I've tried different combination of flag and for now the best is Qt::Dialog|Qt::CustomizeWindowHint|Qt::WindowCloseButtonHint|Qt::WindowTitleHint|Qt::WindowStaysOnTopHint
    but even then the window is like twice as large as it could be...
    if I remove Qt::WindowTitleHint then it becomes the right size but the title bar disapears along with the close button :p

    I've done some test calling size() and frameSize() with qDebug() with the Qt::Tool and the Qt::Window flag and the results are the same on both... I've also tried calling setGeometry but obviously for the system it is already that size so it haven't done anything.

    I don't know what else to do loll

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