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  • Hello everyone,

    I would like to know the global status of the Qt WebKit from qt pov. Is anything planned to reintegrate it as an option in qt in the next releases (qt 6 ?) ? Is it dead since 2017 ? What happened ? What is going to happen ? etc.

    We work on a 300k+ loc project where a lot of things depend on the QGraphicsWebView class provided by Qt WebKit but not supported by the Qt WebEngine (source). Porting to latest qt releases is a must, but we're not even sure we can maintain our functionnalities with the WebEngine, so we have to embed qt-webkit as a third party at this time (project).

    There were some beautiful ideas in this discussion and some use cases where qt WebKit seems to help where qt WebEngine cannot.

    Thus, this is hard to find someone to answer these questions, so ... thanks in advance for the one who answers :)

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    @Konstantin-Tokarev might be of help here.

  • I too am very interested to know this, I wasn't even aware of the initiative. I recently picked up work for WebEngine support in Qt Assistant, as QTextBrowser doesn't cut it for us. But if WebKit is going to make a reentry then that won't be needed.

  • I'm currently working on updating QtWebKit to curreent WebKit. It will take some time before some early preview version can be available. Wait for announcements!

    Because of limited resources there are no plans to support any operating systems besides Linux, and it won't be supported as official Qt module. However, if there is substantial community funding, these decisions will be reconsidered.

  • @Konstantin-Tokarev Thanks for the update. We'd need support on Windows for Assistant, so I guess there is still demand for WebEngine support there. I started this thread: https://lists.qt-project.org/pipermail/development/2019-May/035920.html

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