Who is using Qt5?

  • Does anyone know of U.S. government facilities that are using Qt5? DoD preferred.
    Some portions of the government have changed their rules since the early versions of Qt. Their rules now state that software from foreign owned companies cannot be used. We are allowed to use what we have but cannot update. However, there are methods to get approval. If I can find government entities that use Qt5 then the possibility of getting our work group updated is greatly improved. Not guaranteed, but significantly improved.

    This is about installation, but maybe not. Should it be in the general discussion forum? If so, moderator, feel free to move it.

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    @BKBK I don't know whether any government facilities use Qt.
    You should actually mention which government you mean.

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    hi @BKBK

    if you take a look at this wiki article

    You'll see a list of companies and organizations that supposedly use Qt in some form or fashion. Including some government institutions

    How accurate that is, no idea.

    You may have to contact the folks directly. As your request very well may lead to lots of licenses, chances are high you get an answer quickly ;-)

  • @jsulm Good point. I often forget that. United States government.

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    @BKBK said in Who is using Qt5?:

    Their rules now state that software from foreign owned companies cannot be used

    Qt is open source. Qt Company does not own the project - there is an agreement with KDE that if Qt Company ever "goes bad" and closes Qt source, KDE will automatically take the code over and keep it open source.

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