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Assign QStringList model object to listview

  • Hello everyone,

    I have created a class :
    fili .h

    #ifndef LISTVIEW_H
    #define LISTVIEW_H
    #include <QWidget>
    #include <QDialog>
    #include <QStringListModel>
    #include <QStringList>
    #include <QAbstractItemView>
    #include <QListView>
    class listview : QDialog
        listview(const QStringList &leaders, QWidget *parent);
        void insert();
        void del();
        QStringList leaders() const;
        QListView *listView;
        QStringListModel *model;

    .cpp file

    #include "listview.h"
    listview::listview(const QStringList &leaders, QWidget *parent):QDialog(parent){
        model = new QStringListModel(this);
        listView = new QListView;
        listView->setEditTriggers(QAbstractItemView::AnyKeyPressed | QAbstractItemView::DoubleClicked);
    void listview::insert(){
        int row = listView->currentIndex().row();
        QModelIndex index = model->index(row);
    void listview::del(){
    QStringList listview::leaders() const{
        return leaders();

    Know in my view I have a QListWidget, with 3 buttons Add, delete and insert buttons, I want them to run with methods of my class, then in my Mainwindow I should instantiate an object of this class, but I don't know how to link my object to my QListView, can someone help me?


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    class MainWindow...
        listview *view;
        view = new listview();
        connect(ui->insertButton, &QPushButton::clicked, view, &listview::insert);
        // same for other 2 buttons

  • @jss193 said in Assign QStringList model object to listview:

    Know in my view I have a QListWidget, with 3 buttons Add

    • QListView != QListWidget.
    • you never give a parent, add to a layout or show your view so I'm not sure how the list view is displayed at all

  • Hello, thanks for your help, but problem remains still the same,
    I think that I did not explain good enough, I have created that generic class shown above and afterwards I created a second view which prompts from a first ui, this second ui view contains a listView Widget whose I want to glue with my base class listview, so, First thing I tried was to create an object listview *aaaa;, then tried this, ui->listView->setModel(model), but I can't cause of model var from listview class is private.

    How could I do this?


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    Then why not make the model a parameter of your dialog ? That way you can more easily share it between several classes.

  • You mean creating a new model for my second view and pass it to my listviewclass constructor instead of making it a private var of listview class?


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    I mean creating one model and use it for both dialogs.

  • @SGaist you mean remove it from class and create the model in main function, true? Its a good idea. Thanks

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