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Why are there two Qt Quick Controls namespaces (1.4 and 2.3) and is it okay to use both?

  • I'm currently learning Qt, (coming from C# and WPF worlds)

    I was looking for a TreeView and I couldn't find it in the Design tab, then by looking at its documentation it appears that instead import QtQuick.Controls 1.4 is necessary instead of the import QtQuick.Controls 2.3 found when you create a new Qt Quick Application - Empty project.

    I then realized that in fact you can import both namespaces and indeed you have best of both worlds.

    My (folded) question is the following:

    Is this something okay to do and are there any caveats in doing so?

    Additionally, are the controls in 1.4 in the long term going to end up in 2.3?
    i.e. why are there two namespaces with different versions and controls?

    (a link to relevant documentation would be appreciated)

    Thank you.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    The modules have two different versions because they are built on top of two different technologies. You can mix them but usually use the V2 version.

    AFAIK, the long term plan is to obsolete V1 and completely replace it with V2.

  • Thank you, alright!

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