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cannot found QQmlDebugClient Class for build vstools

  • I learn make Qt plugin for VisualStudio, and I download vstool-dev form GitHub
    when I build the project, it tell me that I need below header files

    #include <QtQmlDebug/private/qqmldebugclient_p.h>
    #include <QtQmlDebug/private/qqmldebugconnection_p.h>
    #include <QtPacketProtocol/private/qpacket_p.h>

    I search official document and my static build Qt, cannot find such header files or classes

    class QQmlDebugClient
    class QQmlDebugConnection

    by the way, my environment VS2015 and Qt5.6.3

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    @crow Did you try with a more recent Qt version?
    Also, you can ask the project directly.

  • @jsulm thanks for your help very much
    I find those header files and classes in Qt5.12.3.
    the project vstool-dev also need too much other environment components and setting which were not notified in README file.

    it`s hard to build it but I got it finally

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