Issue in launching Android (AVD) by Qt Creator

  • Hello,

    I fail to launch any AVD because of this error message:

    emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration!
    Please ensure KVM is properly installed and usable.
    CPU acceleration status: This user doesn't have permissions to use KVM (/dev/kvm)

    so I get rid of it by executing the following command but it comes back after rebooting my device.

    sudo chown evader -R /dev/kvm

    How can I fix this issue?

    • Linux mint 19.1 xfce
    • Qt Creator 4.9.0

    BTW, I tried to fix issue by creating kvm group (it wasn't exists) then added the user evader into it but this didn't fix this issue

  • I fixed this issue by using the following command

    sudo adduser evader libvirt

    Thanks for guys in Vitux

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