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  • I want to create a simple GUI that ask the user for some data. I need to save these values and create an excel sheet with all of them. Currently, Im only printing these values in the console, but I cant play with them or export them to an excel sheet. I dont understand how the QAxBase Class works.

  • Python is a highly efficient and intuitive language that is pervasive throughout the ArcGIS Platform mykfcexperience survey, as well as the larger scientific community.

  • Have you looked into the xlrd library for python -- we use that to handle our interfacing of python with Excel and then use python to handle our interfacing with pyqt5 -- aka the classic MVC methodology as Excel is basically just a database of sorts with an integral GUI front-end attached to it

    In fact we do not even directly work with the Excel workbook/spreadsheets other than to import that data into an SQLite3 database and export data back into the spreadsheet when needed which is what I might suggest that you do as well

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