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Qt installer on macOS

  • No matter if I use the online or offline installer, it always stops with the last message "Extracting ..."

    Is there a way to see more information? I've not seen a hint in the system log.

    macOS version is 10.14.4

    0_1557219474497_Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 11.56.23.png

  • Hi hBjBpgr,

    you can try launching the installer .app from command line and pass "--verbose". This should give your more traces what is going on.

  • Moderators

    I had it recently where the sources unzipping was very very slow on Mac. It seemed like it didn't do anything, but after a couple of minutes ( 20 IIRC) the percentage increased.

    I let it run for a couple of hours and it finished.

    You could simply uncheck the Qt-Sources, as that is the bottle neck and download them separately or fetch them via GitHub, if you really need them

  • The 7z version bundled in Qt Installer-Framework is out-dated, newer version might help (@Katja-Marttila ?), I think there was a related bug report..

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