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macdeployqt: ERROR: Could not find bundle binary for "", even though exists

  • I am trying to run:


    But I get a message:

    ERROR: Could not find bundle binary for ""

    along with a few objdump and install_name_tool errors that indicate that they were called on an empty filename.

    When I specify -executable=./ at the command line, as in:

    /my/home/path/Qt/5.12.2/clang_64/bin/macdeployqt -executable=./

    I get the same message about not finding the bundle binary (in fact I get it twice!), but the Qt frameworks and plugins are copied into the and directories. However, it is still not a successful deployment as when I try to execute the app, I get a popup message:

    You can't open the application "MyApp" because it may be damaged or incomplete.

    What are some possible reasons that I could get a message that the "bundle binary" was not found even though it exists in (what I believe is) the correct location?

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    I'd check the binary itself. But first I would do a full rebuild.

    If the error persists, I'd try with a default project.

    In any case, you might also want to update Qt to 5.12.3 since it just got released.

  • Well, I discovered that the "executable file" in Info.plist was something different than MyApp. So the error was due to my false assumption that macdeployqt would look for an executable with the same name as the app bundle itself.

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