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QComboBox & QAbstractItemModel - editable/filtering

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    What function do I have to implement in my abstract model to allow for filtering to work when I plug the model inside combo box? I'm trying to select item/filter while typing - have auto complete...

    I've set combo->setView(new QTreeView()) as well as combo->setView(new myTree()) neither seem to affect it so it must be model related?


    Edit I actually even struggle to get text display in the comboBox line edit from model items... hmmm what do I need to link it properly?

    Did more digging, still no luck, none of signals/slots in QComboWidget return a QModelIndex, thus if I click on item inside another item(child) then I get wrong index. As the index is relevant to rootItem not parentItem... oh dear...

    Trying to get a signal from treeView directly seem to not work either?

        connect(mCombo_scene->view(), &QAbstractItemView::activated, [=](const QModelIndex &index) {
            qDebug() << "EH?  " <<"I got correct Index?";

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    This Wiki entry gives a good starting point.

  • @SGaist Awesome thanks! I think I can get it to do my bad biding now :- )