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Set Android up on Mac

  • Hi all,

    I have installed Qt 5.12.3 on a Mac Mojave plus iOs and Android kits and want to setup Android with the SDK @J-Hilk mentioned in another thread and finally create the APK file of this project of me to see whether the problem will solve finally or not. :(

    The questions are:
    1- What are the steps for setting up SDK, JDK and NDK on that Mac?
    2- Since we can't normally access many sites, namely and so on because of our location, on Windows we need to use a paid VPN just to be able to download stuff from those site. But we can very rarely find a free or paid VPN for Mac to be able to download JDK, SDK, and NDK.
    I have them on Windows. Can't I just transfer them to the Mac to setup Android there?

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    hi @tomy

    The process is the nearly the same for Mac than on windows.

    The easiest is to click on the download icon in the QtCreator preferences

    That will open safari on the correct page.

    IIRC, everything is either a zip file or a dmg file. That means you should be able to download it in Windows and transfer it over than unpack/install it

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