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Fresh app development

  • Hello! First of all, I'm not going to lie, i am new to Qt, i am barely reading a lot of the documentation, it does seem easy to use, i have some background in programming C+, Python, and Java, that part is under control.
    My current doubt with Qt is very much this: which Qt is for me?
    Why; well my app is sorta simple, in tandem with a raspberry pi, and a camera i need to make a UI with a live camera feed, and menus for accessing the gallery, settings like white balance, storage, power and well the basic things, plus a button to run an already coded python app, and maybe display results but here's the thing; It's not the same coding Qt and pyqt, obviously Qt on a computer is graphic and on the pi it's well, just code, i have no problems in using either but, considering i might copy it to more than one device, which will only run that, and since I'm using a camera, I'm not sure I'm able to use Qt to hopefully crosscompile, so should i just stick to using PyQt?

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    @Jarenward said in Fresh app development:

    which Qt is for me?

    There is only one Qt :-)
    PyQt is a Python binding for Qt and still requires Qt libraries (binaries). So, even if you use PyQt you will need to have Qt libraries which you are using.
    If I understood you correctly you need your UI on a computer (not Pi), right? This part is simple - just install the latest stable Qt version an start coding :-)
    For the other part you can either directly develop on Pi (using Raspbian you can easily install Qt with apt) or you have to cross compile Qt to develop on your PC. You don't have to cross compile everything, just what you need. See