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Keep Android stuff up-to-date

  • Hi all,

    If I want my Android apps are working properly on old and new versions of Android, what stuff do I need to update for the Android kit on Qt Creator 4.8.1 on Windows 10 X64, each time when some new NDK, JDK, or SDK stuff is published?

    For now and for JDK, I have two choices:

    1- Which one would you download and use, please?
    2- Does it matter if I download the X64 .exe file and then install it or X64 .zip file and then extract it?

    3- For NDK, I want to choose do you agree?

    4- And finally my SDK looks like this. I doubt if it needs changes. Agree?


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    First of all use the Android Getting Started guide from Qt's documentation to the get the versions of the dependency that you should use.

    Hunting for the latest and greatest at any price won't work for Android as each release of their NDK has a tendency to break the workflow of projects using it. Therefore you should use the guid already linked above. That will give you a development environment that is working.

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