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How to cross compile qsqldriver only of Qt5.6.2

  • I want to use sqlite on Arm ,but I find that I need to put the to ..../plugin/qsqldriver same as on ubuntu. So what should I do?

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    I assume you compiled Qt for ARM yourself? If so you simply can add -sql-sqlite

    configure -help output:

    Database options:
      -sql-<driver> ........ Enable SQL <driver> plugin. Supported drivers:
                             db2 ibase mysql oci odbc psql sqlite2 sqlite tds
                             [all auto]
      -sqlite .............. Select used sqlite3 [system/qt]

    Check the output summary when running configure.

    If you still have no plugin library, try to compile it manually and check the possible errors.

    cd <QTDIR>/src/plugins/sqldrivers/sqlite/  # or sqlite2 if needed
    make install

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