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Managing QMDISubwindows in an QMDIArea

  • I have been stuck at a particular point in managing the subwindows in an MDI Area.

    I have an QMDIArea to which I attach the QMDISubwindows returned from a plugin. Adding and removing the subwindows is fine. It works properly. I have handled the close event of the QMDIsubwindow where the subwindow is removed from QMDIArea.

    The problem is how to know whether the QMDISubwindow is properly released from the QMDIArea. Because whenever the show function on any other widget is called, application crashes. I know that there seems to be no relation of other UI widgets in my application and the QMDIArea. But seems the events are not properly processed.

    Note : didn't set the WA_DeleteOnClose flag for QMDISubwindow returned from the plugin and also no parent is set.

    1. Could anyone give me a proper highlight on how to manually manage QMDISubwindows in an QMDIArea if WA_DeleteOnClose flag is not set.
    2. Also can anyone tell me the internal implementation of "WA_DeleteOnClose" flag.

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    1. Can you generate a stack trace from that crash ?
    2. Qt's sources is available so you can go through it to see how that enumeration value is used.

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