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aidle.exe crash when running on real Android device

  • Hello,
    I have problems when I try to run an application on a real Android device on Qt Creator (Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, Android Version 5.1.1).
    Everything is fine with Android Studio (I can run on an emulator and on my Android device), and I can run on an emulator on Qt Creator.

    When I try to run on my Android device on Qt Creator, I get this error (sorry it is in french) :



    Qt - 4.8.1
    Qt Creator - 5.12.1
    Jdk 1.8.0_202
    SDK - 26.1.1
    NDK - 19.2.5345600

    If someone can help me, I didn't fidn anything on internet for this specific error

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    Try different SDK version, you are not using a stable SDK build tools.

  • I have deleted SDK build tools version 29.0.0 rc2, and changed buildToolsVersion in build.gradle file, but when I compile my application, it installs SDK build tools 29.0.0 rc2. Any idea why?


    Here are my build.gradle and .properties files :



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    Huh, weird. I have no idea why it happens sorry.

  • I found a way to avoid the "aidle .exe crash ..." error. It is definitely caused by the SDK Build Tools version 29.0.0 rc2. When I uninstalled the version 29.0.0 rc2 of the SDK Build Tools, I still had the error for my current project.

    But when I uninstalled the SDK Build Tools version 29.0.0 rc2, and then created a new Android project on Qt Creator, it worked. (To be sure that the error was caused by this version of SDK Build Tools, I have installed it again, created a new Android project on Qt Creator, and I had the error again)

    Thanks a lot @sierdzio for your help

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