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QTWebEngine is not connecting to GoogleMap "url"

  • Hi,

    AM trying to connect with GoogleMAP page using QTWebEngine using c++ example. i have installed QT5.10 in my Ubuntu laptop. and also i have added QTWebEngine while installing.
    i am trying the example given below
    when run this application it got build successfully and showing me the blank output window. i dont know where am going wrong. Am new to QT. Please help to sort out this issue ASAP.

    and also suggest me how to connect with googleMAP In C++ language. i tried QTMapperkit also it showing thew same error. Please help me in this.

    Niranjan B

  • Can you connect to using the Simple Browser example?

  • Thankyou for your support. i need to connect with Googlemap to pin my location using minGW compiler. i have QT5.12.2 Version and minGW-32 bit compiler in my windows machine. i came across QTWebengine and QTWebkit but QTWebEngine was using MS2017 Compiler but i need to tun with MINGW compiler. Pls help to slove this issue. and also let me know the various QT libraries to connect with GoogleMap using MINGW compiler..

    Niranjan B

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    If you have to stay on MinGW then you should build the QtWebkit module. QtWebEngine can only be built following the constraints of the Chromium project which means that currently only VS2017 is supported.

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