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VARIANT structure in qt

  • I am using a camera that returns a pointer to the 2D safe array containing the picture information. I need to display this picture on the GUI. What is the best way for it?
    I am trying to convert the safe array in QTByte array but I am not able to get all the values.

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you show that structure ?
    Can you show the code you are using ?

  • Hello,
    Below is the code:

    VARIANT var_array;

    GetImageData returns a pointer to 2D array. In the VARIANT structure, there is SAFEARRAY **pparray. Now, I need to show this SAFEARRAY as an image. So, I am trying to convert it into the QBytearray. But, I don't know the size of the SAFEARRAY. How can I solve this problem?

    I used the code below to get the size, but, I am not able to get the 2D array size.

    long iLBound, iUBound;
    char * data;
    long sz=iUBound-iLBound+1;

  • Hi, to get the size of the SAFEARRAY, because it's 2D, you need to ask for the lower and upper bounds of both the dimensions, say something like this:

    long iLBoundX, iUBoundX,iLBoundY, iUBoundY;
    char * data;
    long szX=iUBoundX-iLBoundX+1;
    long szY=iUBoundY-iLBoundY+1;

    Note: this is a just a guess!

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