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Android - OpenVPN - QNCM onlineState

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    are there any known problems with OpenVPN ?

    some of my customers are using BlackBerry UEM where Android devices are connected to server via VPN
    all works well on Android and iOS

    On Android I’m listening to QNCM onlineStateChanged(bool) SIGNAL
    On iOS I’m listening to

    now got a report from one customer using OpenVPN on Android where online state not always correct if switching between WIFI and mobile network:
    infos from customer - not verified by me what happens in detail under the hood:

    • WIFI ON, VPN ON: start App: ONLINE
    • switching WIFI OFF, device changed to LTE (mobile), VPN ON, App Status: ONLINE
    • switching back to WIFI ON, device changed to WIFI, VPN ON, App Status: OFFLINE and doesn’t come back to ONLINE

    any ideas or experiences ?

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