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Qt Creator with MSVC2010 : no valid kit found

  • Hi !

    I know it's a well known error but in my case there's something different. I think

    i have a folder where I can start Qt Creator, GStreamer, DDS etc. and launch a visual studio 2010 sln from batch files.
    Then, I can launch Qt Creator but when I create a Qt Quick porject, "no valid kit found".
    In the build n run menu I can see that I have a detected kit desktop Qt 5.2.& MSVC2010 32bits (default) however it's not valid.
    And no valid version of Qt in menu Qt Versions, even if founded qmake.exe in qt_folde/5.2.1/msvc2010/bin.

    I tried to put qt-everywhere-opensource-src-5.2.1 just next to the folder msvc2010 but it changes nothing and I can't find a way to use it.

    I can't download a usual Qt installer as the computer is protected. For now I haven't got visual studio 2010 on the computer but it looks like msvc2010 is there, so it shouldn't be a problem ?
    i add a screenshot of the result of the maintenance tool here
    0_1554107656640_maintenance tool.jpg
    I hardly understand what's going on. How could I make a new project ?

    thanks for reading

  • @Quentin91

    Hi and welcome to devnet forum

    When you simply downloaded Qt source, it cannot work. You have to compile it by yourself.

    Best is to download the online installer from

    Check the choices and align with your intensions. If you are not planning to sell your applications and looking for a way to understand Qt and its possibility, the open-source option is in most cases a good choice. However, it has to be your decision.

    Probably best is to install Qt creator as it comes with the online installer. You got also the choice of different tool chains and precompiled Qt lib versions. You can select Visual Studio versions, if your VisualStudio is not too old. Otherwise MinGW is a good choice and may be installed through Online installer. Otherwise you may have to installa a community version of VisualStudio separately.

  • @koahnig thank you very much for your answer.
    The problem is that I can't download anything as I want as I work in a company.

    This problem might be solved because it's possible to create the project and select stuff that won't work 0_1554452812895_create_project.png
    The lines under debug and release means "Error: the version of Qt is not valid : This Qt version is not correctly insalled. Please execute make install"

    I can create the project like this but not compile it or anything.
    Then, I should be able to run Visual studio 2010 from the bat file with the right environment variables to run the QML. Maybe, because VS2010 is not properly installed yet...

    i'll upgrade the post later in case it can help someone

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    @Quentin91 said in Qt Creator with MSVC2010 : no valid kit found:

    The problem is that I can't download anything as I want as I work in a company

    Then how you did you download Qt source code?

    If online installer doesn't work you can use the offline installer.