Nokia 5230 and QT

  • Hello!

    I'm wondering, is it possible to install any libraries on this model? It has Symbian too inside. But all my attempts to install qt libraries were failed. In QT Creator we can find follow versions of Symbian: 1, 3 and Belle.
    In my phone for some reasons it's 9.4... (is it possible? O_O)

    Thank you beforehand for answers.

  • Nokia 5230 is Running S60 5th Edition (aka Sym^1), so Symbian: 1 should work.

  • Thank you for the answer.

    Unfortunately, I tried to make it work last two days, but still, QT Creator can't recognize QT version on that phone. I got a bit stuck there... And the main clue, what I got from my phone:
    "this software and phone aren't compatible"(About Symbian^1 stuff). At this moment, I highly doubt, that such operating system as Symbian is a good environment for developing..............

  • Hi!

    What is the installed Qt version on the phone?

    Have you tried to download and install any Qt apps/games from the Nokia/OVI Store?

    Have you tried unistalling and reistalling the Qt from the phone?

    (Don't doubt there are couple of hundred million symbian users waiting for new apps/games:))

  • Thank you for answer!

    After a several times of using *#7370# I succeeded it. OK, to make long story short: every time when QT installing was started, PIPS-installer returned with a strange error and installation was ended by phone. What I've done: installing CODA for Symbian^1, rebooting, installing qt for Symbian^1 aaaand... getting the error and trying once again.

    So I don't know even where was problem...

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