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Need to Draw 100 points in a second in area series

  • Hello All,

    I am trying to Draw 100 points in a second in AreaSeries in qml , following is the code snippet for the same.
    In cpp

    1. i have 5 msecs interval timer which generates random points and set the property of qml.
      mainqmlObjectptr->setProperty("points", QPointF(x,y));

    2. I have areseries component in QML
      id: areSeries1
      useOpenGL: true
      borderColor: "green"
      upperSeries: LineSeries{
      id: lineSeries1

    3)On propertyChange i am drawing the points of area line series

    I am able to draw at max 22 points in a second, however i need to draw 100 points.
    If i use line series i am able to achieve to draw 100 points however in area series i am not getting this performance,is there any way to speedup the areaseries rendering.

    I just gathered information from link " " that useOpenGl is not supported for AreaSeries , is there any way to enable it for area series?

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