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Qt "forbidden" Install Issue

  • When ever I try to load the the open source version of Qt on my windows machine. I receive a "forbidden" message during the everywhere examples point.
    I can get it to work if I don't select any kits, but then Qt Creator doesn't allow me to create a ui file without a kit. I really don't need at kit since I'm using Python for Qt. Any way to get passed this error or have Creator be happy without an C/C++ kit? Perhaps we need a Python kit?


  • and I don't see any "forbidden" message in your attached screen dump. Please include ALL relevant output.

  • Sorry, I figured it just failed on the last item in the list above. In any case, I just downloaded the offline version of the installer and it worked fine. This gives me a short cut to Qt Designer so I don't need the kit for Python.

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