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Qt iOS On-demand resources

  • Hey everyone!

    I've also got this floating on StackOverflow.

    I have found a way to build and include .xcassets files for on-demand loading of resources when deploying for iOS via Qt Creator.

    My problem is that I don't know how to get the path to the .rcc file inside an Asset Catalog when it's loaded On-demand from Apple's servers.

    My setup is currenty a .rcc file for every supported target resolution ranges - the filenames in each rcc is identical - and I determine at run-time which asset pack should be downloaded and loaded before game start (on Android and iOS).

    Now as I understand Apple's documentation - the only possible way I can ship a large game - is to use their On-Demand resource loading - where the assets will be hosted on Apple servers.
    I have 50 MB of engine and obligatory base files and varying ~100-700 MB of image + sound assets for each asset pack for target resolutions.

    I have tried several paths to get there.
    @Fenix-Voltres 's QtIosAndroidAppSplit
    App thinning
    iOS On-demand Resources
    Access On-demand Resources

    But I'm having trouble implementing these paths in Qt - as I see it I can't use App Thinning because my asset packs exceeds Apple's download limits for this pattern (carrier bandwith limits?)

    Any help is appreciated

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    QFileSelector might be a good starting point.

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