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Created objects does not appear in Editor

  • I created new project. Added push button, modify it, then copy it many times, renamed copied buttons, also created couple groupBoxes. After i finished all this stuff in Designer window, i went to the code, made slot through "go to slot" in designer, and tried to do my stuff with all this objects i just created. And realised that they all my objects "don't exist", i mean, if i start typing ui-> i'll get nothing in there, only old PushButton is available which is not pushButton anymore, but object with changed name.

    I've seen such bugged delay in Qt before, but now i wonder. What should i do to fix this bug and why it still exist? Restart Qt is not a good option since Qt don't remember closed/opened functions/blocks like some VS do.

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    Did you build your new widget once at least ?

    You can use Qt Creator Session Management to reload the last state you were in.

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    When you switch back to code, you can do ctrl +b to build just that the file.
    That will make them avialable via ui->

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