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APPCRASH on app close

  • Hello
    I have seen many topics about APPCRASH with module ntdll.dll but in my case I get this crash after I close the app. I have got this problem right after I installed new Radeon graphic card drivers
    I have created a new project and tried same with it. App compiler, runs and is on screen, but as soon as I click X to close the from APPCRASH windows message appears. Is there a solution for this problem?

    Windows 7
    Intel Core i7 4800MQ
    AMD Radeon M5100 FirePro(also internal Intel HD Graphics 4600)

    Qt Kit v5.12.1

    APPCRASH on module ntdll.dll
    Exception code: c0000005

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    The first thing to do would be to downgrade the graphics driver. The new version might have introduced a bug.

  • Found another solution. I turned off the internal (Intel) graphics in BIOS

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