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Where can I find an example of how QGenericPlugin::create() works?

  • Here is an app I have written in Python:


    Problem is when I take a functorial image and reflect the positions of each object / morphism in the domain, to each's corresponding image in the codomain, the codomain objects move with visible lag and it looks bad. So as you can imagine as the complexity and constraints of a commutative diagram grow, this software is going to suck to use. So I'm porting it to C++ using QtCreator.

    Now I have created a C++ Qt Plugin type library so it has a header/cpp file with class derived from QGenericPlugin. Is there an example on how to implement the create() function which I believe returns an object derived from QObject?

    What if you need to return a QWidget as well? I need a simple example to guide me :)

    For instance, "functor" will be a plugin. Adding plugins to the app shouldn't require a rebuild of all the code. So I like this way of doing things.

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    @enjoysmath Did you see this: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/plugins-howto.html ?
    There are some links to examples.

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