How to scroll tableview on button click

  • Is there any property by which i can scroll up and down on button clicked in tableview.
    I don't want vertical scroll bar visible but i want to make it scroll on button clicks ?

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    Hi @Bhushan_Sure

    I'm unfamiliar with the new QML TabelView,

    But from what I understand, its based on ScrollView, therefore you should be able to set the view position by accessing contentX and contentY properties

    if it's not directly accessible try it with flickableItem.contentX

  • flickableItem.contentX is useful but it was there in qtquick.controls 1. As qtquick.controls 1 is going to be depreceted, hence we have to use qtquick.controls 2
    In qtquick.controls 2 , we can directly access ContentX and ContentY as Tableview and listview is getting inherited from flickable now. We don't have to write flickableItem.contentX.

    ContentX and ContentY is solution to Flick on button in Tableview as well as ListView.

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