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Cross-platform app, UI in MacOS is double in size compared to the Linux and Windows version

  • Hey,

    I have been developing an app, which I plan to release in the very near future. I am developing on linux and testing on Windows and Mac. On Linux and Windows the GUI looks precisely the way I expect it to look, but on MacOS everything is doubled in size (the dimensions of the window are doubled in size, the buttons' height and width are doubled, the textboxes' heigth and width are doubled... you get the point...)

    What I find even more confusing is that when running QtCreator on MacOS and I visually design my interface, I have the same dimensions as the linux and windows version, but it appears doubled in size. The problem appears on both Retina and non-retina macs, as well as on Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave.

    Any ideas?



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    hi @XapaJIaMnu

    check the scaling of your monitor (inside the Mac settings) its by default set to big scaling factor.

  • @J.Hilk the non-retina map has no scaling (resolution 1440x900). Windows has 2x scaling factor by default but looks much smaller than that...
    EDIT: Windows has 200% scaling, app looks the same as in Linux (more or less) which has 1.7 scaling.

    QtCreator also looks the same across mac/windows/linux, just my app looks different

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    You could try fiddling with the scale to see if that changes anything.
    First test could be to check the Info.plist
    and see if scaling is enabled or not.

  • Hey everybody,

    I think i found the problem. Linux and Windows scale fonts only by default, mac does blanket scaling of everything. Playing with Info.plist might improve the situation.



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