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QMAKE: how to protect some *.o files from being erased during clean/distclean?

  • I am using QMAKE, and I have a 3rd party *.o file which I don't want to lose during "clean" and "distclean". How do I protect this file?

    The ultimate goal is to build a static *.a library out of that file and a few additional object files (which I don't mind losing).

    On Unix, I do this by changing QMAKE_AR_CMD which is UNIX-specific. On Windows, this doesn't work.

    I would love to have a cross-platform solution for this.

    Any help?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Where does these file come from ? Are you building that 3party library ?

  • Hi SGaist,

    Thanks for welcoming me - The *.o file was given to me by the 3rd party library vendor. I don't have the source code for this library, so this object file is all I have. I obviously wouldn't want that file deleted during cleanup.

    I have a few additional object files, but those come from my own code. These other *.o files should be cleaned up, but not the 3rd party one.

    Many thanks.

  • So what you need is a custom link stage under the project file; something that references the external object .o files. I'd generally store them outside of the project folder tree, and create a project file that knows how to find them.


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