Hi All,
I am trying to get the qml symbian components that Koying ported to android ("Android components repo":http://qt.gitorious.org/~koying/qt-components/android-qt-components) going on pb, since Chris has already ported these to run stand alone on android I figured these would be the easiest for me to port to the playbook QNX OS.
I am just a novice so please bear with me :)
I am trying to use configure to build the component plugins for the QNX OS.
Where should I be looking for documentation on how to achieve this? I found this page: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot/qt-embedded-crosscompiling.html Which gives some good hints but I see no documentation about the "configure-qsk arm a9":https://github.com/blackberry/Qt thats used to configure the Qt for playbook port?
Perhaps I just need to modify the configure-qsk script that came with the Qt for playbook to compile the qt components? Or perhaps I need to create my own custom configure script for this?
Any guidance and direction would be greatly appreciated!