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Connection between multiple widget in designer

  • hii all...i am doing an app of mine that include a dialog where there is 200 check boxes and one i need some method that i could connect when any checkbox is checked its name will be included in the list ...thx in advance =)

  • You probably want to look at "QSignalMapper":

  • Personally, I think that you need to re-think that UI. Sounds like hell to use a UI like that.

    Why don't you put the 200 items in a list view themselves? You do realize that list views can also display checkboxes, don't you. That way, you can at least provide sorting and filtering on the list, so your users can actually find the items they need from it.

    If you use a model-view approach to begin with, then displaying a list that only contains the items checked in the other list is trivial. You only need a QSortFilterProxyModel to filter on the checkstate role.

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