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SetTabOrder problem

  • Hi all,
    in a dialog window I've got something like the following at the end of the constructor:

    setTabOrder( combo_a, edit_b );
    setTabOrder( edit_b, edit_c );
    setTabOrder( edit_c, edit_d );
    setTabOrder( edit_d, edit_e );

    but if I try to tab from edit_b I got that the label before the edit_c is selected, then edit_c and then again edit_b (instead of the other edits). Am I doing something wrong?

  • you mention a label. Could be the edit has this label as a proxy.

    from the docs :

    bq. If first or second has a focus proxy, setTabOrder() correctly substitutes the proxy.

    also have a look at "setFocusProxy":

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