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Qml + Maemo5

  • i'm tyring Qml on my maemo5 N900, i have this problem:
    my look is correct if i run my application from shell after "sudo gainroot", while if i click on icon or run application in terminal how standard user, i see by button black (they are gray).
    What's happen?

  • More information needed... Does your application do anything that need root permissions? How did you install your app on N900 (made a deb package or just copied)? Can you post a snipet?

  • I have understand! In my qml i use System palette and in maemo5 button color is Black, thus the correct color i have with normal user! I don't know because root user don't show system color, but it'snt a problem.

  • Oh, ok. If you use the system palette it is expected. Nice you found that =)

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