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Experiences using Physics Engines with Qt 3D programs?

  • I've been trying to evaluate different physics engines to be used in a Qt based OpenGL game. BulletPhysics would be my first choice if I was building a Desktop game, however I am wondering whether a mobile device will have sufficient CPU power to run it. Another worry is building the engine for various platforms. If I want to deploy the Qt software for Harmattan/Android, the best solution I see would be to just include all the engine source in my own project (since there - according to a quick googling - doesnt seem to be a .pro build file for it) to be able to compile it anywhere..

    Any experiences on using these things in (embedded) Qt projects?

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    AFAIK, "Box2D": is quite popular, and available for many platforms.

  • As the name implies, I believe that box2D is a, well, 2D physics engine :)

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    doh, I missed the 3D in the subject, sorry :)

  • Hi matti-

    About the integration of physics engine, I only know that few 3D games have the support of PhysX (Nvidia property, so it's quite limitative to tegra device only...) so it could be possible with other libs (in a near future?).

    From my personal experience, the best strategy could be to separate the 3D/game engine from the other parts. As so the developpment to multiplatform is much easier, you can keep your engine as it and just modify the input/thread part. In addition, you are not stuck with the Qt OpenGL integration (With almost the same engine code I can use OGL ES 2.0 for iphone/android or OGL 4.0 on linux or core profile 3.2 on mac lion).

  • hi
    i want to make the game like Angry Bird so any one of you providing me help on it or provide sample code for me thanks.

  • hi madil,

    I think your request should be a little more specific that "I want to do a angry bird-like game, how can I do" if you want some help.

    So could you precise your need??

  • hi tomato,
    yes i want do a angry bird like game but i can't get the correct way ,i also try "Box 2D " ,so if you know any thing about it kindly provide it to me thanks.

  • I don't understand why you would want using Qt for AngryBirds style game dev.I think it is complete overkill and waste of time.Such games you can create easily with tools like Unity3D and some more game oriented engines/frameworks available out there may of which are free and easy to use.

  • i got bullet physics working nicely with my opengl app, see the link in my sig for a demo on n9/meego harmattan.

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