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How to disable Javascript timers throttling in Qt 5.12?

  • I am using a QWebEngineView to load a local html file in my Qt application. This html file contains some Javascript timers (setInterval and setTimeout). When I compiled my app with Qt 5.11.2, I could set the timers to have a short interval smaller than 1s, for example 200ms.

    When I compile the app with Qt 5.12.0 or Qt 5.12.1, the timers are fired every 1s even if I specify a smaller interval.

    The following code is supposed to log something every 200ms, but it is executed only once per second (1000ms).

    const intv = setInterval(() => console.log(new Date().getTime()), 200);

    The same is true for other timer-related functions (e.g. setTimeout).

    Does anyone know if some kind of throttling has been added to QWebEngine? Or to Chromium?
    Is there any way to disable this restriction?


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