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[Solved] Build Qt with VS2010

  • Hello,

    I've downloaded Qt binaries for Windows(vs2008) and rebuilt them with vs2010(configure -platform win32-msvc2010). After building proccess was over I was trying to start Assistant but I was failed. It said Error reading collection file 'PATH_TO_APPDATA/AppData/Local/Trolltech/Assistant\qthelpcollection_4.7.0.qhc': Cannot load sqlite database driver! and nothing happen then. How can I overcome this issue?

  • did you build it with sqlite support? (-qt-sql-sqlite as configure parameter)

  • No, I've used default parameters. Should I rebuild it with this parameter? I built earlier versions of Qt with default parameters and never have such a problem.

    Sql Drivers:
    SQLite..................plugin (qt)

  • i would just try it with explicitly adding it

  • Ok, I'll try but it takes a lot of time. If somebody has another suggestions feel free to share them :)

  • It's better that you get the source package instead of a prebuilt binary if you wish to compile it by yourself. It's safer in my opinion.

    You can get it "here


  • Thank you folks for advices! I've followed both: I rebuilt it with explicit sqllite option and took clean sources. One more option is that I built in at another PC :) Actually I don't know what is the reason of that three forced Assistant to work but it seems that it works fine now.

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