[Solved] Tooltip display problem?

  • Suppose i have a window containing one button. I have set a tool tip to that button. When i click that button a new window is opened. In this case once the focus pass to new window when i take the mouse pointer to button again the tool tip is not visible(without clicking). How can i make it visible?

  • Do you mean something like this??


    Does the new windows have the button too?
    If so, I miss it... :P

  • Not sure how to do with that. It always annoyed me that (under Linux/X11, at least) the behaviour is inconsistent between toolkits. GTK-based applications will display a tooltip even if the window hasn't focus. Qt-based ones won't.

  • ya luisvaldes88 exactly like that, the new window may or may not have button. do you know the solution

  • hi pratik041, as peppe said, Qt app don't display tooltips where they are not focused.
    A solution may be, try to make the button

    @bool QWidget::setMouseTracking(true)@

    and then do something in

    @void QWidget::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent * event )@

    I did not try, but in theory, whenever you pass your mouse over the button, it will create a move event that will be handled in

    @void QWidget::mouseMoveEvent ( QMouseEvent * event )@

    If you try it let us know

    best regards.

  • Actually the following is working and i think it is the best solution to do this @window.setAttribute (Qt::WA_AlwaysShowToolTips, true);@

  • Hey thanks.

    I'll take a note on this. =,)

    how did you find it?

  • In Qt namespace documentation see Qt::WidgetAttribute type

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