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FakeVim: 2 questions about .vimrc && Vim color schemes

  • Hello All.

    Where can I find any guide about where do .vimrc should be placed (as I get that, it didn't created automatically) and what may I use in that file?
    May I use Vim color schemes in FakeVim or it uses Creator's color settings and no way? If the latter is true, as far as I see should I adapt Vim's colors to Creator's own format?

    Thanks in advance for any valuable advice.

    Truly yours,

  • Fakevim is not vim (the name should make that sufficiently clear I think). I am not using fakevim, but as far as I am aware it is just adding many frequently used keyboard macros known by vim users. I doubt that Creator reads any vimrc or other settings.

  • It attempts to read .vimrc if the 'Read .vimrc' option in the setting has been checked. It will, however, only understand the commands that are also available in FakeVim's ex mode and nothing of real vim's scripting. So you can use :set, :map etc, but not much more.

  • Thank you very much for the answer. I need one little more precise definition. Where does it looks for the .vimrc? Particularly, in Windows (it's on my job).

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