Input method for Ubuntu written in Qt?

  • Dear all,

    I would like to know which input framework will be best for linux (especially ubuntu 11.04)?
    It intends for complex script language like chinese, japanese.
    I have to write this in Qt. Which will be best implementation with Qt?


  • I'm a bit confused.
    Do you want to write an input framework or do you want to use one from a Qt app?

  • I would like to write an input framework with Qt.
    I'm confused to use iBus, SCIM or similar like input methods.

    Moreover, I can't find examples for usage of these input methods.


  • I would like to use iBus with Qt.
    iBus input method application developed with Qt C++.

    But, example in qt-ibus module is can't run.

    Error : iBus can not connect. All other iBus input tables are fine. All necessary libraries are installed.

    Is there any iBus input method example written in Qt?


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